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What a Year

Hey out there! What a tumultuous year it has been… It’s been such a mix of emotions this year with the ever changing landscape that is the Young’uns. The past ten years with Don have been amazing, his talent brought new heights to the sound of the band and has been an inspiration to me to always seek for the best in playing and performing. Shane also brought his enthusiastic, perfectionist bass playing to the table these past few years and the three of us took the music to a place it never has been before. It was a privilege sharing the stage with them. I wish them both the best in the future and I’m sure we will still play the odd gig here and there moving forward.

As this year winds down, I’m so happy to see Brad back! It was like finding a long lost brother and its been a great experience reconnecting with him. The reunion will take us past 27 years! Welcome to the band Steve! He has also given us a different musical view and the exploration of the “new” band has rekindled the inspiration to find new sounds we have not heard before. For right now it’s been hectic juggling all the different band members week to week but I know things will settle down moving forward.

Steve and I also play with Josh as Forty Foot Fred when Brad is doing his gigs with Linus, but I think its a great way to stay creative and fresh when the Young’uns get together. Forty Foot Fred and Linus, albeit similar to The Young’uns are just as entertaining to watch! If you get a chance, go check them out. I’m looking forward to 2017 and will see you out there! Come check out all our bands for some great nights of Rock and Roll…

Tim Reardon

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