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Tim Reardon
Lead Vocals / Guitar / Keyboards
Birthday: June 4th / Sign: Gemini

Entering his 30th year in the band, Tim’s love for music and entertaining has endured for decades. His years of experience in the music industry has been the rock that has helped make the band the success it has been. Through all the personal changes and the changes in the musical landscape, Tim’s versatility and ability to adapt has been the critical component to the bands long lasting legacy. Tim looks forward to 2019 and takes all the upcoming challenges head on as he leads the group into it’s third decade.

Brad Krauza
Bass Guitar / Vocals
Birthday: July 14th / Sign: Cancer

The original Young’un back after a 3 year hiatus! Co-Founder Brad is back in full force. Tim and Brad started the band in 1989 and are looking forward to bringing high energy and entertaining music to all their fans. His amazing fronting skills and experience will ensure the continued quality you would expect from a Young’uns show.

Steve Butler
Drums / Vocals
Birthday: May 22nd / Sign: Gemini

Welcome the newest member of the Young’uns! Steve is a veteran musician known for being the drummer of recording act Redfish for over a decade. Steve brings his drumming and singing skills to the band. His energy and presence bring a fresh sound to the group. Vocals have always been in the forefront of the band’s sound, and now with 3 Lead singers, the trio is looking forward to all the potential new material they will be able to cover.
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