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The “Young’uns”

Hey there, all you beautiful people.

Hope everyone is getting the most out of the 2-month sweat-fest that this summer has been so far. Heading into the home stretch of August, I just have to say that I’m amazed at how much fun this summer has been, and we still have another month of it left (probably September as well weather-wise, we all know where we live). We’ve made some new friends and found new venues that we’re slowly working into our schedule, and things are looking up well into 2016. Funtastic was once again mind-blowing, and I’m not afraid to admit I still get stage-fright in a big way before slinking behind the safety of that drum kit. Was an incredible turnout this year, as it usually is. And the fact live music seems to be on a bit of a rise again is pretty radtastical. Pretty excited, as well as grateful for being where we are right now.

It’s taken a lot of work to get here, but looking back at the past year, it’s definitely been worth it. Our journey over this last year and a half has been a total rebuild, and the phrase “tip of the iceberg” really has become an analogy that pertains to this whole crazy ride. It’s 90% preparation, which makes the end result that much more rewarding and fun. We spend more time than ever practicing and learning new songs, which if you’ve seen us in the last few months, I’m sure you’ve witnessed a few examples of songs that NONE of us would have ever thought we’d be doing. But it’s all been fun, and we’ve made them feel like “us” somehow. Example: Witnessing Timmeh belt out material like Madonna is simply awesome and makes us smile (and giggle, let’s not kid ourselves, it’s all pretty freaking funny), and I’m personally proud at how much we’ve grown, and how far we’ve taken this band. We have arguably the greatest job in the world. Maybe save for the whole packing up and carting around our own gear thing. Hahaha… But maybe that’s the part that keeps you humble. Takes the air out of your head and reminds you that you’re not Mr. Bigtime Rockstar (and that you’ve got a few birthdays on your permanent record, haha). Doesn’t take away the high you get on stage though. That’s just there no matter what.

We’ve definitely got some mileage out of this band name, that’s for sure. But even now, when we could just as well put quotations around it, I don’t think any of us see any signs of it ending anytime soon. Summer continues to be all sorts of rad to us, including O’Flannigan’s Pub for a women’s UFC-fueled 3-night party, a random and very successful one-night show at The Mule, and heading into a long-awaited weekend at one of our favorite dance-floors at The Blue Gator. Fall is looking to be a blast between returning to The Blue Grotto in Kamloops (consistently one of our favorite places to play) after being gone since early June, as well as a lot of fall festivals and private events, including weddings for friends. Not to mention all of our second time around stints this winter in places such as The Gunbarrel Saloon at Apex Mountain, and our long time favorite nut-house Snowshoe Sam’s.

Anyways, everyone. In my usual ranty-tangenty, shut-the-frig-up-already fashion, I guess I just want to say from the bottom of our road-weary hearts: Thank you. Thanks for making this something that we still somehow get to do. And before I forget, keep an eye out for a few changes as I’m giving us a bit of a facelift in the logo department. Which means most likely some new merchandise and t-shirts to follow (and hopefully some of the ever-popular hoodies too. I know I need one as well, haha).

See you all soon. Much love to everyone <3 and keep up the support of live music! -Shane, Tim & Don

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