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Pumpkin Spice Blog Post

Hey, everyone!

We hope you all had a freaking amazing summer! We’re coming off of one of the best and busiest summers we’ve had in a very, very long time. We’ve made new connections, met lots of new friends, and have found a ton of new places to play, along with our favorite venues. We’ll be traveling around BC soon to new places such as The Regent in Revelstoke and also The Cariboo Hotel in Quesnel. Firsts for us! We also just recently started playing at a place that’s quickly become one of our new favorite venues (second time around for myself): O’Flannigan’s Pub in downtown Kelowna. Some of the best crowds we’ve played to, and a great vibe to a room as well. Loved it! Our fan base has grown exponentially this year, and we couldn’t be more excited about the band’s direction and new-found energy! Shane Sperling has been a driving force since he joined, and we’re lucky to have found him. Don’t tell him I said that though, it’ll give him a complex. Hah!

So, fall is officially upon us, and the temperature is dropping quickly.. But we’re looking forward to what’s ahead for the fall and winter months this year. Pubs, clubs, and private events are officially in full swing. We’ve got a much needed break this coming weekend to recharge, and then we’ll be back at it for some big roadtrips in new places. The truck will need some serious winter treads for this season!

We’ve added some content as well to the site. Updated the page to include an up to date song list (also downloadable in hard copy), added some more content (with even more to follow), and even added an Instagram widget on the home page. Follow us (@theyoungunsband) and feel free to tag yourself at gigs. We have had the greatest collection of fans and friends over the past 25 years of this band’s history and are finally reeeeeally getting into the whole social media aspect of it all (hence my second blog post ever, haha). And we should really give a shout out to Stacey from Stacey Smith Photography for all of the great shots she’s snapped of us over the past year. She’s done a great job of not making us look like a bunch of flailing dorks, hahaha.. Check her out!

And I just heard yesterday that we’ve been nominated again for best local music group in Okanagan Life’s Best in the Okanagan! We were proud to take that title home last year and would be ecstatic if we got even a fraction of the votes we did last time around. So if you have a chance, we’d appreciate the votes! There’s some amazing groups/musicians/peers/friends in the running this year, and we’re stoked to even be in the same league!

That’s aboot all I can think of. My coffee to brain levels are subsiding and I should get back to Sunday funday chores. Oi.. So if I didn’t mention it before, then you guys should know that we love the hell out of all of you, and we thank you for continuing to support us through all the ups and downs, and help us make this our life.

See you all soon!
-Gerdo, Sherne & Murder (Don’t ask, just go with it, hahaha..)

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